Post-Travel Treatments

Traveled recently? Make sure you're not bringing back any unwanted bed bugs!

keep bed bugs from travel out of your home

Bed bugs laundry ‚Äčis your first line of defense to keep unwanted bed bugs and other pests from entering your home after traveling. Many of our clients call us before they return home from traveling when they realize they have brought some unwanted guests along with them. In fact, recent travel to far-off places is quite commonly associated with bed bug infestations — far more so than how messy your house is or what kind of neighborhood you live in! While it is more common to catch a case of bed bugs while traveling abroad, it is possible for them to infest your luggage, clothing, and other travel items from anywhere, including in the US. Don’t let them into your home!

contact us before you return home

If during your travels, if you suspect that you may have encountered bed bugs or if you have been getting bed bug bites, call us. Taking infested items into your home will result in costly and time-consuming treatments and you will likely need to call us to launder way more than a suitcase full of clothes.

Call BBL NYC before you get home to receive instructions about how to protect your home from infestation and to schedule pickup of your travel items before they enter your home. We frequently help weary travelers who are worried about bringing bed bugs home with them. We can treat suitcases, duffle bags, and other travel gear as well as your clothes so that these items are safe to bring home.

eliminate bed bugs from your luggage before taking it into your home

Call us at (917) 740-2840 or if you are international, email us to schedule a pick up BEFORE you get home.