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We are Bed Bug Laundry Solutions

The team at Bed Bug Laundry NYC is glad you are here, but sorry you are having bed bug or other insect infestation problems. Our discreet pickup and delivery for laundry and dry cleaning comes to you no matter where you are located in New York City and neighboring areas including Northern New Jersey. If you want to reduce the time and effort it takes to get rid of these biting pests, you have come to the right place. Plus, we have other services beyond laundry such as bed bug prep, exterminators, and bed bug prevention.

Waking up with bed bug bites can be terrifying. You want to know how to get rid of them as soon as possible. We work with your exterminator or pest control operator to more efficiently and effectively rid your home of these and other insects. Because bed bugs can live in any part of your home including clothing, purses, shoes, bags, draperies, and other textiles, it’s important to handle your laundry properly as well. You want to remove those items carefully from your home, have them treated for bed bugs, then stored until your home is free from pests. We help our customers be thorough when dealing with bed bugs, because if you fail to kill even one bed bug or its egg, you are at risk for re-infestation.

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Bed bugs can be tricky to eliminate, but our bed bug laundry service in NYC removes the guesswork from one part of the job. Comprehensive treatment for bedbug infestations requires specialized laundry services for all the linens and textiles in the affected home. Heat treatment is the only way to kill all the bed bugs and their eggs. This requires use of a high temperature dryer for an extended period of time. Our discreet and diligent support and service assist our clients in killing both adult bed bugs and their eggs by providing in-home pick-up and delivery, customized laundry treatment, and dry cleaning for all the home’s affected items. Then we can provide storage for some or all of your items for the duration of the home’s extermination treatment.

bed bug laundry nyc offers bed bug prep services to help you get ready for extermination treatments



Need help with the long list of time-consuming chores your exterminator gave you for a successful bed bug treatment? Let us prep for you!


Our bed bug laundry and heat treatment services are convenient, affordable, and discreet. Find out how we can help you get rid of bed bugs, for good.


Yes, it’s true! Bed bug prevention is possible. Our periodic treatment of your home ensures you won’t face the nightmares of an infestation.

bed bug laundry nyc saves you time and effort

Using a bed bug laundry service like ours saves you time and work, but may also save you money. Often, items you might have to throw away can be saved by using our heat treatment. Our sterile, dedicated facility is well-equipped to handle this demand, and our machines are serviced after each treatment.

We store your items in a separate, eco-friendly, climate-controlled storage facility at no extra cost for the entire duration of the home’s pest control or extermination treatment. Our free storage service and high cleanliness level set us apart from other NYC bed bug laundries.

using bed bug laundry nyc to help with your infestation saves you time and worry