Bed Bug Prevention

Once you get rid of bugs completely, you can safeguard against bed bugs returning. If you or someone you know has had bed bugs, you know how valuable this can be…for your wallet and your sanity.

preventing bed bugs is possible

People say that getting bed bugs in NYC is inevitable in this day and age. But this is no longer true!

Preventative bed bug treatment is now available. Yes, now you can keep bed bugs out of your life. Our in-home prevention service, stops bed bugs before they start. Have a hijacking pest in your luggage from a hotel or on your clothes from sitting on a friend’s couch? No worries. Your home is safe from one or two bed bugs creating an infestation in your house or apartment.

Keep bed bugs from coming back or ever creating problems with our comprehensive bed bug prevention treatment. Protect your home from bed bugs every single day of the year, 24 hours a day.

our bed bug prevention service

The bio-pesticide used in our service has been used in agriculture for decades, and is now available in the fight against bed bugs. The formula is non-toxic, designed for home treatment, and applied 4 times a year to intercept bed bugs year-round.

This bed bug management solution is a preventative treatment that does not require you to purchase laundry or prep services. It is a simple, hassle-free service that we customize to your home and your lifestyle patterns. The bed bug treatment takes 30 minutes, 4 times a year to guarantee year-round protection.

bed but prevention is possible using quarterly spray treatments
  • Often exposes you, your home, and your children to chemicals and toxins
  • Bed bugs develop chemical resistance over time, so treatment is not always 100% effective
  • Apartment must be prepped for services
  • All laundry, linens, and textiles must be bagged for multiple weeks
  • Chemical treatment has a short residual effect. Once it is sprayed, its effects don’t last very long (from days to weeks).
  • Average cost is $1000 and up, per treatment plus additional costs for laundry services and supplies
  • Non-toxic preventative solution so you don’t have to worry about extermination
  • Bed bugs carry the spores in the prevention solution back to their nests, even in other apartments, spreading the benefit of the treatment. It’s 100% effective!
  • No prep required for treatment
  • No need to bag laundry, linens, and textiles; treatment is applied to a perimeter around feeding hotspots
  • Treatment has a residual effect of 3 months requiring only 4 applications per year to achieve year-round prevention
  • Cost is as little as $250 per treatment

bed bug prevention cost

Are you interested in preventing bed bugs in your home? Why risk repeating the nightmare of having bed bugs if you can avoid it? This preventative bed bug treatment is great for frequent travelers, subway riders, theater goers – pretty much any New Yorker!

Give yourself the peace of mind to know that a trip out of town, going to the movies, or a visiting a friend’s house will not leave you with a bed bug infestation.