Dry Cleaning that Gets the Bugs Out

In addition to our heat treatments, we offer regular, convenient, and affordable dry cleaning.

effective and affordable dry cleaning


Our dry cleaning in NYC pickup and delivery is effective in eliminating bed bugs and super affordable. While our laundry services are all 100% chemical free, we also offer dry-cleaning that DOES include chemical treatments in order to ensure effectiveness. Today, many NYC dry-cleaners use organic or green processes, which is great. Except that when you are trying to kill the bed bugs and their eggs that may be nesting in your clothes, coats, bags, or other textiles, you need a dry cleaner that utilizes chemicals that effectively eliminates the pests.

We offer regular dry cleaning as well. Compare our prices to others! Our dry-cleaning rates include pick-up, delivery, and storage, if needed while your home is being exterminated!

Call to get detailed instructions for separating your items for safe, effective cleaning and to schedule our convenient pick-up service.

dry cleaning in nyc