Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19? Are you concerned that you or your home has come in contact with the coronavirus? Are you trying to figure out social distancing when it comes to doing laundry?

It is essential during these uncertain times to engage in proper social distancing. One way to limit your exposure to other people is to have your laundry picked up, taken care of, and returned to you — without you having to leave your home.

BBLNYC is now offering pick-up and delivery laundry service for clients who are interested in having their laundry treated through our special treatment processes. We have specialized in specialty laundry cleaning services for years, and have developed protocols for handling your laundry orders that will ensure your safety and that of our teammates.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Our pick-up and delivery service will be a no-physical-contact service. There will be no physical contact between you and our teammates during the transaction.
  • At pick-up, our techs will spray your sealed laundry bags with 91% isopropyl alcohol for protection. Your laundry will be brought to our facilities and treated using our regular treatment protocols, which include high heat drying to thoroughly kill infectious disease and/or other pests.
  • We will do the same spray treatment upon delivery of your laundry as well, to kill any virus cells there may have been exposed to.
  • Your laundry order must be a minimum of 25 lbs. to qualify for service. Our regular rates will apply.