Bed Bug Laundry

If you have an infestation, your clothes and items need to be treated. Learn more about how we treat laundry with bed bugs before scheduling a pickup.

If you need bed bug laundry service in NYC, you are not alone. While bed bugs are not unique to New York City, there are many NYC neighborhoods whose residents feel like bed bugs were created specially to torment them! Clients call us from all around the NYC area the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Midtown West/Theater District, Chelsea, the Lower East Side, Park Slope, Williamsburg, Bushwick, and every other nook of the boroughs.

Remember, it’s not so much about how clean or dirty your apartment is — people find themselves with bed bug bites after exposure to bed bugs from traveling, from friends or family who might have brought them into a home, or from the spread of bed bugs from other parts of a building. We live in close quarters in New York City, so it’s very easy to get bed bugs no matter what your housekeeping routine. The key is to be as proactive as possible once you identify a bed bug problem. This limits the spread of bed bugs from one room to another. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs can live and nest anywhere, not just in bedding.

our bed bug laundry service helps nyc residents overcome bed bug infestations

working with bed bug laundry nyc

We provide detailed instructions on properly bagging your items to reduce risk of spreading infestation and to protect delicate items. Our team picks up your bags or even helps you bag, and then drives all your worries away in our discreet van. Bed bug-killing laundry, dry cleaning, heat treatment, cryo treatment, folding, sealing, and free storage services are offered to you in a menu style so that you pay for only the services you need. Let us take this quarantining, cleaning, and storage burden off your shoulders through our comprehensive bed bug laundry service.

  • Discreet, convenient, professional in-home pick-up and delivery of your affected textiles and other belongings
  • Pick-up options include bagging
  • Treatment of items in a dedicated, sterile facility, designed to kill all potential bed bugs and their eggs during treatment

bed bug laundry treatment options

full treatment service

Laundry treatment of affected items at 180° Fahrenheit, guaranteed to kill both adult bed bugs and their eggs, plus wash and fold laundry services. Treatment includes customer-selected laundry products, upon request. We carefully fold and seal everything in plastic bags.

heat treatment and fold service

Heat treatment of affected items at 180° Fahrenheit, guaranteed to kill both adult bed bugs and their eggs, with your items returned to you carefully folded and sealed in plastic bags.

heat treatment only service

Ideal for items that may not need folding, like bags, backpacks, shoes, etc. Heat treatment of affected items at 180° Fahrenheit, guaranteed to kill both adult bed bugs and their eggs, with your items returned to you in sealed plastic bags. Please note that we treat all of our items at this elevated temperature for at least 35 minutes, so there may be a risk of damage to shoes or other delicate items.

heat chamber treatment

This time-consuming process is ideal for delicate or high-end items like purses or leather that may not withstand treatment in a dryer.

bed bug dry-cleaning

Dry cleaning services for items that cannot be serviced through conventional laundry methods, at prices that are likely more competitive than your neighborhood dry-cleaners. We dry-clean using PERC to ensure that all bed bugs and their eggs are killed.

alternative cryo treatment for non-textile items

For some items, especially electronics, heat treatment may not be recommended. As an alternative, we offer cryo treatment to remove bed bugs from heat-sensitive items. Cryo is simply frozen carbon dioxide. It is effective because it essentially freezes bed bugs and their eggs to death.

We offer cryo treatment, a chemical-free option, for bed bug extermination either in your home or as an off-site treatment. In-home cryo service is convenient for electronics or bulkier items that we cannot easily transport to our facility. We can also pick up and treat smaller items with cryo and return them to you along with the rest of your laundry order.


Storage is available for the duration of the in-home pest control/extermination treatment at no extra charge. We will deliver your stored items to a new address in case you decided to move away from the bed bugs.

Throughout the entire process, you can count on receiving excellent customer service and support.

bed bug resources for NYC residents

know before you go

Many of our clients decide to move after going through this experience. If this is you, please consider checking out the NYC Bed Bug Registry. This site allows you to search properties that have had recent reports of bed bugs. This may be useful information for you as you are thinking about where to live.

know your rights to get bed bug help

As a New York City resident, you have certain rights when it comes to treating bed bugs. Give us a call so that we can talk you through what you have the right to expect from your landlord or building management company in terms of getting reimbursed for your bed bug extermination or bed bug treatment expenses.

we help exterminators and landlords

Do you represent a management company or pest control operator in NYC? If so, you know the importance of working with reliable service providers to make sure your tenants and clients get their laundry taken care of properly. You can’t do your job unless we do ours with expertise and professionalism. Learn more about partnerships with Bed Bug Laundry NYC.