Support for Exterminators & Pest Control Operators

We know that one of the challenges of your work is making sure that clients have all their laundry properly bagged and out of the way, so that your treatments can be as effective as possible. Plus, all the other bed bug prep tasks being complete make your job more effective.

We’ve worked with exterminators time and time again who tell us their clients aren’t properly prepared for the job. They appreciate having a “go-to” laundry service provider that they can refer clients to.

why partner with us?

We are flexible and reliable, and we regularly accommodate bed bug laundry pick-up and bed bug prep services requests even at the last minute. We have worked out pricing options with partner service providers, so that you can invoice clients for our services if you prefer; alternatively, we are happy to work directly with clients to arrange for pick-up, delivery, billing, and support. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction, and we have worked very hard to develop a strong positive reputation not only among independent clients but among other exterminators and pest control operators.

we make you look good

You can’t do your job unless we do ours with expertise, reliability, and professionalism — and we lead the industry in performing this important service.

we work with exterminators and pest control operators to make killing bed bugs easier